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Filmotion Productions was established in November 1999 with a vision to revolutionize the film and video industry. Within a year Filmotion expanded rapidly to meet with new technological advancements in visual communication, being the first company to transfer HDV to film for screening in cinemas, followed shortly by the use of HD, and 4k formats. We were also featured in Digital media world as one of the only companies in Australia working in high definition at the time and since 2010 we've created graphics in 8k format- 8 times the quality of most cinema screens.

Based in Sydney's North Shore in Castlecrag. We specialise in visual communications which includes Film, Video, Animation and multi-media productions. We create:

Films and documentaries, Video production, Animation production, Motion graphics, Corporate video productions, Commercial advertisements and TV ads, Infomercials, DVD productions, E-learning material, Interactive video content, Online Video Production and Social Media (See or youtube and online media production pages).

If you'd like to talk to us about a potential production simply fill out our online form in "contact us" or call us direct on 02 9958 0248

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Film production sydney

Film Production

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From script to screen, Filmotion Productions can provide a service covering every aspect of film production. Our Film services can meet all your needs with contacts of directors, script writers, camera operators, grips, lighting, various assistants, editors, boom operators, SFX staff and even film-making documentation.

Corporate video production

Corporate Video Production

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From script to screen, our team is always ready for action. Filmotion productions has been involved in corporate video productions since 1999, and has since been a pioneer in using new technologies to present digital media content. One such example is the use of USB’s to distribute video content in extremely high quality to remote areas where the intranet doesn’t exist or is too slow.  Other examples of corporate video production includes: 3D presentations with 3D glasses and hologram imaging, interactive digital video programming, corporate Flash content, e-learning, training videos, internal communications, branded documentaries, product promotions and motion graphics.

Animation sydney

Animation Production

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After an Animation?. our own onsite 3D animators our animation processes can be both 2D (traditional) and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). We’ve created animations for all types of video productions from corporate to films and documentaries.

Youtube production

Youtube Production

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Youtube and Vimeo are all video hosting sites which have become an avenue for lucrative opportunities. In the past, we’ve successfully used people from YouTube to appear in professional video productions and add value to promotional video productions. The idea is to generate relevant traffic to your website and this is what we do with our strategies.

With YouTube set to release a platform which supports 3D media over the next few years, the online video production industry will only multiply in demand for high quality content and production values.

Check out our gallery for some sample videos!