Current Film Slate

We are always looking for international partners who are interested in a projects which create a mutual benefit. These may include directors, producers, companies and writers.
We like to think big and deliver excellence. Our appetite includes films which reveal something about our humanity and bring the real cinema experience back to the golden age.

Below is a list of Current Productions:

The wildlife man series 
(DiscoveryHD worldwide, Channel 9 – 2001-2013)
Australian Safari 
(channel 9 – 2012)
Battle of Broken hearts 
(Feature factual Documentary – 2013)
Australia’s Lost Kingdom 
(Currently in development / preproduction for the IMAX 3D format – 2012-2013)
(Feature film / Action / Comedy – In Preproduction – 2013)
The Admiral 
(Feature Film / Drama / Adventure – 2013)
I Once lived in Paradise 
(Feature Doco / in Production -2013)


Below is a list of our projects (currently in early development)

Invasion Day Feature film (Early Development)
A powerful story about the right to live after a superior elite force from outer space occupies native human territories.

Bush Buddies Animation (In Development)
A fun adventure of a gang of young cuddly animals making their journey in search of a better life in the Australian outback. Their aim is to find a paradise where food, fun and delight rule over homelessness, fear and hunger .