Youtube and Online Video Production

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Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia and worldwide.

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Youtube and Vimeo are all video hosting sites which have become an avenue for lucrative opportunities.

In the past, we’ve successfully used people from YouTube to appear in professional video productions and add value to promotional video productions. The idea is to generate relevant traffic to your website and this is what we do with our strategies. We’ve also created Online animated and live action viral videos.

Our online Video production services include:

  • Corporate Video productions
  • Promotional Videos
  • Online Video Presentations (instructional)
  • Introduction Videos for your business
  • Adding value to your SEO campaign through comedy based videos
  • Video Interviews and PR Based Productions
  • Web Based Series

Our hand selected YouTube stars whom we have agreements with (most of them have more than 100,000 fans and up to 3 million) make viral marketing a breeze, with some planning and experimentation.

We believe the online video production industry will only multiply in demand for high quality content and production values.

“Genres in the area of YouTube video production include product placement with a comedy skit, drama (shock values), design, and smart marketing”- F Harris (producer)

Previous YouTube specialists have been used in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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