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There are hundreds of animation styles out there, the style choice is yours. With our own onsite 3D animators our animation processes can create both 2D animation (traditional) and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). Our 2D / 3D animation production workflows are well optimised your demands.

We’ve created animations for:

  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional purposes
  • Infomercials and direct response ads
  • Commercials
  • Concept and pre-visualization videos
  • Annual awards nights
  • Films and Documentaries

The gallery above features stills from animation productions created in the past.

Videos of these animations are available on request. Simply click on our contacts menu and fill in the form and tell us what sort of animation you are looking for.

Below is a 3d animation that was created in stereoscopic (to be used with 3d glasses). The video is a mode of action video for a cancer drug. For a 3d stereoscopic demo please Contact Us.

Our motion graphics and animation video for for 2013 has been posted above. For a more up to date production send us an email or if you’re in Sydney contact us…. we’d love to meet you!

Below is a point of sale trade-show video which contains 3d animation. The video was created for a trade-show and the clients brief was to avoid voice over and text where possible.

Below is a sample 2d character explainer animation.

Below is a sample 2d character awareness video.