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Alex Weinress
Film Director

Alex Weinress has written and directed corporate video, ads, and training shoots.  His experience stems from the production of a 24 episode comedy series “Chandon pictures” funded by Fox TV and shown worldwide. With skills in scripting and directing comedy, corporate and adverts, Alex’s versatility makes him a true asset to Filmotion Productions.

Fred El Harris
Contract Producer for corporate media and animation

Fred El-Harris’s experience brings a range of qualities to the production and post production table.  His experience in wildlife documentaries, corporate and the animation industry makes him a valuable asset to our company and to you.  With his high technical and organizational abilities, Fred always delivers.

Kareem Omar
Video editor

Kareem has delivered a slate of corporate and drama productions. He’s currently a junior in the film production department but punches well above his weight in post production.

Mohamed Issa

A true motion graphics designer, camera operator and grader.  ‘Moey’ knows all production pipelines and most programs in detail and has been commonly known as a project finisher.  Moey is always there to deliver.

Alex Fateev
3D animation and design

A specialized 3D animator, who has worked on countless commercials, promos, visualizations, and special effects.  Alex is committed to working hard and making things look good, ugly or real.

Marinko Kero
Senior Camera operator / Technical Director

A key cameraman on channel 7’s sunrise program, Marinko Kero has filmed high action sports (such as  the Olympic games) in numerous countries, corporate events, ads, and high end events.  Marinko’s contribution to Filmotion is a testimony to our commitment in providing high quality film production services.

Keith Li
3D, 2D Animation / Visual Effects

Keith is a highly talented visual effects artist, 2D, 2.5D, and 3D animator. His ability to analyze any shot and know exactly what’s needed to achieve the best result makes him a rare professional in a specialized industry.  Keith brings to the video production suite a distinct niche not usually found in most film and video productions houses of similar size.

Huw Parkinson
2D animation specialist

A true filmmaker and animation specialist.  Huw is well known to enter film festivals with his passionately produced animated films.  Huw is unique in his speed and precision. Huw strives for excellence.

Cam Feast
DOP / Camera Operator

Cam has more than 20 years of experience specializing in wildlife and outdoor recreation, extreme sports photography and video. Career highlights include DOP for National Geographic and Discovery, various documentaries and sports programs (ESPN, SKY TV) and numerous television commercials. A skilled one-man multicamera professional, Cam’s portfolio of work is built from experiences undertaken around the world, from operating solo in extreme locations, to managing large production teams across international sporting, and corporate events.

Elizabeth (Liz) Gameiro
Producer, QC and post production department

Liz has been employed at Filmotion Productions since it’s incorporation.  Her experience in post production and quality control procedures ensures that nothing leaves the premises without a tech check.  Her experience in tech checking documentaries, films and ads makes her a true technical guru.